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  • The Suarez's Success Story

Our secrets to extended youth and life are the result of many years of experimentation with what works and what does not work.

The advantage we had was this. One of the divisions of our company specialized in health and fitness products. Therefore, we knew which products and services were the best and we knew about the best new cutting edge products and services before they even hit the market.

Being involved in the health and fitness business eventually led us to the place where the most advanced knowledge in the world on health and fitness is centered. That place is the Beverly Hills, California, Rodeo Drive area where a concentration of the best professionals in the world service professional bodybuilders, other professional athletes and movie, television and music stars.

The professionals who service professional bodybuilders and entertainment celebrities know more about taking off body fat, shaping your body and staying young than any other professional group in the world, including leading universities and medical clinics.

Because of our major size company, SCI, we were able to get access to the very top group of Beverly Hills — Rodeo Drive area professionals for the personal servicing of my wife and me. From of all of this, we learned the secrets of staying young and living longer.

First, we found out about the bad products and services as follows:

  • • Mass marketing health and fitness products and services have to be low cost and therefore they are low quality.
  • • Popular diets, diet books and popular fitness books are either frauds or very low level knowledge.
  • • The experts who supply mass market health and fitness products and services are ignorant of what works best and their knowledge is primitive.
  • • Typical doctors are fine if you get injured in an accident and for surgery. But, they know very little about nutrition and very little about youth and life extension.
  • • Most so-called “trainers” know very little about reducing body fat, building muscle and shaping your body.
  • • Most supplements on the mass market shelves are very low quality and minimally effective.


In order to extend your youth and life, you need to do the following:

You need to get Superior Professional Quality (SPQ) products and services. You then need to do SPQ levels of the following: Exercise, Diet, Supplementation and Sleep, EDSS. I found that celebrity stars, especially the females, do SPQ of the following: Aesthetic Body Enhancement, ABE. You need to have access to a good gym to get SPQ exercise, which is the GYM Factor.

To really start out right, you should get the Endless Youth and Life Ultimate Make Over — UMO. Expanding on all this, here is what you need to do.

Expanding on EDSS, here is what you need to do.

Ben and Nancy Suarez
Nancy Suarez
Ben Suarez
Nancy Suarez, Age 66 and Ben Suarez, Age 68

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For exercise, you need to do both cardiovascular and resistance exercise in a good gym under the supervision of a Certified Personal Trainer who has the training knowledge of Beverly Hills — Rodeo Drive area personal trainers.

We exercise in a super advanced gym designed and provided by Gunnar Peterson and Chris Fisher. Gunnar is the world’s top personal trainer and Chris is the world’s leading gym provider for celebrities, pro athletes, pro sports teams and leading fitness facilities. The equipment is so smooth to use. Before getting this advanced gym, we used to dread working out. Now we look forward to working out. This gym makes cardio and resistance exercises so much more effective and greatly reduces the discomfort and effort of exercise.

If you do not want a home gym, find a good local gym. Find one with both good cardio and good resistance equipment. I recommend Bally’s, Golds, PowerHouse, 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness.

The two types of exercise are cardiovascular (aerobic) and resistance (anaerobic). When you go to the typical gym, you’ll see the vast majority of the people doing cardiovascular exercise. Few people are doing resistance exercise. Although both are important, resistance exercise is super important. Cardiovascular exercise, like what you would get on a treadmill, does not put enough demand on muscles to keep muscles from deteriorating as you age. When your muscles deteriorate, your bones also deteriorate and everything else deteriorates including your organs and glandular functions.

When you put the effective demand on your muscles with resistance exercise, it will firm, strengthen, rebuild and preserve your muscles. Since your muscles are stronger, your bones need to get stronger to support the stronger muscles. This causes a good chain reaction which then forces your organs and glands to start producing the necessary output to rebuild and maintain muscle. Your organs and glandular structure become healthier and, because of this, everything else in your body becomes healthier including your skin, hair, nails and cardiovascular system.

With regard to body fat loss, cardiovascular exercise stops burning extra calories when you stop exercising. Resistance exercise burns extra calories for over 48 hours after you stop exercising. This is because muscle tension is retained, but mostly because it takes a tremendous amount of calories for the muscle building that is needed to adapt, restore and, later, to preserve muscle. Studies show that resistance exercise burns over five times the number of calories per minute of exercise than cardiovascular exercise will.

But, in order to be effective, your resistance exercise needs to be vigorous and intense. You have to put enough demand on the muscle to matter. All too often I have had relatives and friends take my advice and start doing resistance exercise. Then I find out the “resistance exercise” that they are doing amounts to exercises with 5 lb. dumbbells. That will not work. They will then say, “Well, it’s better than doing nothing.” To which I answer, “It’s very close to doing nothing.” The same goes for walking for exercise. How many trim walkers have you ever seen? Exercise has to be at a high enough intensity level to be effective.

Doctors on our staff have told me that, when they operate on older people who have not done vigorous, high intensity exercise, their muscles are like spaghetti. Also, their veins and arteries are so thin that they almost dissolve in their fingers. Their bones are so thin and brittle that it is hard not to break them during certain rigorous operating procedures.

Our staff doctors report that, when they operate on a bodybuilder who does rigorous, high intensity resistance exercise, the total opposite is true, no matter what their age. These doctors say their bones are as hard as steel, their veins and arteries are thick, strong and elastic and their organs are pristine.

One orthopedic doctor told me that he operated on a bodybuilder who had fractured his back in a violent car wreck. He said, had he not been a bodybuilder, that he would have died in the car wreck. He told me that usually they use staples to secure reinforcements for broken bones and fractures. But, when the doctor tried to put staples into the bodybuilder’s bones, they bent. He said he had to use high speed drills to get into the bone which was like high carbon steel in order to insert screws to secure reinforcement.

Most people our age, if they fall, they break a hip or other bones and are disabled for a long period of time.

When playing sports with my grandkids, I fall and tumble many times without injury. Recently, I slipped on water at the top of concrete steps and went down the whole flight. I had welts all over my body, but I had no broken bones or serious injury.

Nancy and I do rigorous, high intensity, heavy resistance exercise under the supervision of professional bodybuilder Dave Dearth.

Many people our age are using canes or are in wheelchairs. Some are in nursing homes. But, we have no disabilities and have more physical abilities than most people in their 20’s and 30’s. Many men my age have to breathe hard to get enough oxygen. Sometimes I have to remember to take a breath.

Under proper training, you do not do the same exercise routine every week. That is because, as your body adapts to the same exercise every time, you get less and less out of the exercise. Dave is constantly changing our routines.

We train each muscle group once a week. That is because it takes about a week for the muscles in that body area to recoup from high intensity resistance exercise.

The main body muscle groups total 6 as follows: chest, back, shoulders, abdominals, arms and legs.

Here is my weekly exercise routine. On Mondays I run for two miles on my indoor running track for cardiovascular exercise. I then train chest, back and shoulders which usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours. On Wednesday, weather permitting, I will do 100 yard dashes and 40 yard dashes on my football field, timing myself each time so that I am pushed to the limit. In bad weather I do numerous all out sprints on my running track. I then train abdominals, arms and legs.

But, you don’t need a running track to get great cardiovascular exercise. One of the pieces that Gunnar and Chris put in our gym is a virtual mountain bike race machine. I am now starting to use it more and more. It is unbelievable. It duplicates actually racing with a mountain bike. There is a video screen in front of you showing you the road and other mountain bikers that you are racing. The difficulty of pedaling changes with the hills on the road. And, you shift gears depending on the grade on the road. You can race against preprogrammed racers in the machine or you can go on the Internet and race against opponents worldwide. You can also race against a person who was on the machine previous to you. It is a vigorous cardiovascular workout, but this machine makes it so much fun that you don’t really notice it that much. But, you do notice it when you’re finished.

Nancy does the elliptical, treadmill and the mountain bike machine for cardiovascular and spreads out her resistance exercise over 3 to 4 days.

You can also just run outside for cardiovascular exercise if you wish.

Is our exercise painless? NO. Sometimes the exercise produces a burning sensation in the muscles if you do a really intense set. Also, after a really good workout, you get sore the next day. But, when you do a quality workout, your body produces good drugs called endorphins. You get such a high that it erases all the discomfort. You feel like you are on “cloud 9”. But, it is a “Healthy High.” That’s why people who do SPQ exercise say about the soreness, “It hurts so good!”


Another major factor that is critical for youth extension and life extension is nutrition. Nutrients are the building material that your body needs to rebuild and maintain itself. If you do not provide your body with proper nutrition, it would be the same as asking a contractor to build a house for you, but you only provide the contractor with a small part of the necessary building materials.

The main categories of nutrition are macronutrients and micronutrients.

Macronutrients consist of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which control, regulate and assist body functioning.

The most important macronutrient is protein. With the exception of body fat and the calcium part of your bones, every other part of your body is made out of protein along with water.

Protein is also critical for communications within your body. Proteins are used to transmit nerve impulses and also for communications between the cells in your body.

Proteins are made up of molecules called amino acids. There are a total of 9 essential amino acids that are needed to make up all of the proteins in your body. In the typical American diet, it is very difficult to get these 9 essential amino acids. Endless Youth and Life macronutrient protein supplements provide all of these 9 essential amino acids.

Carbohydrates and fat are also necessary for body function.

But, it is easy and cheap to get carbohydrates and fat in your diet. The problem with the majority of people’s diets is that there are too much carbohydrates and fat and not enough protein.

Getting the proper protein is difficult and expensive. Most foods at the grocery store consist of too much carbohydrates and fat and only a small amount of protein. Foods high in carbohydrates and fat are cheap, while foods high in protein are expensive.

The trick then becomes to get the proper protein without taking on excessive carbohydrates and fat which also means that you’re also taking on excessive calories. Taking on excessive calories means that you will put on excess body fat.

New studies have found that the vast majority of Americans are radically protein deficient. They only get 21% of the proper amount of protein. The Federal Government has now found that the RDA for protein has been too low.

Your muscles, brain, organs, skin, hair and nails are all made out of protein. When you don’t get enough protein, all of these critical parts of your body deteriorate.

When your muscles and other lean body mass deteriorate, the calories you burn per day drop. That’s because a pound of muscle burns 30 calories per day while a pound of fat only burns 2 calories a day. You then start gaining more body fat and a pot belly.

Also, older people, because of protein deficiency, are being ravaged with serious health disorders as they age. Deteriorated weak muscles cause loss of balance and falls which are the leading cause of accidental death, hospital admissions, nursing home admissions and loss of homes for older people.

Proper protein will also make you look much better. As aforementioned, your skin, hair and nails are all made of protein. When you do not get enough protein they deteriorate.

Women who get proper protein through our protein supplements tell me, “My hair used to be dull, thin and brittle. My skin was dry and shriveled. My nails were rough, brittle and would break constantly. Now my hair is shiny, thick and bouncy, my skin is smooth and elastic and my nails are smooth and never break.”

Depending on your activity level, you need one to two grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. For the average person that is 150 grams to 300 grams per day. The average person weighing 150 pounds with a moderate level of activity needs about 200 grams per day of protein. When you do proper intensity exercise, you need 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight a day.

When you don’t get the proper protein, that is when health problems start. Your brain, muscles and organs, skin, hair and nails deteriorate and you accumulate excess body fat.

There are many other benefits to increasing your protein intake. It reduces your body fat and pot belly as proven in clinical studies. Protein satisfies hunger better than carbs and fat. And, less than 33% of calories from protein can be converted to stored fat, where as 75% of carb calories and 100% of fat calories convert to stored fat.

For diet, we follow a regime provided to us by our personal nutritionist, Rehan Jalali. Most of the time our calorie intake consists of 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fat. Not all protein is created equal. There is high quality protein and low quality protein. During the day I will have high quality protein shakes 2 to 3 times. I will also have high quality protein snacks. Nancy eats high quality protein snacks, has protein shakes at times and quality high protein lunches. For protein in our meals, most of the time we eat the high quality protein foods of eggs, salmon, tuna fish, turkey breast and veal or beef steaks. For our carbohydrates, most of the time we try to stick to the low glycemic carbohydrates like pasta and brown rice. We also supplement our high carbohydrate and fat foods with a high protein food additive.

For carbohydrates, Rehan instructed us to eat low glycemic, complex carbohydrates like whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, yams, brown rice, oatmeal and fibrous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, snow peas, asparagus and green salads.

For fats, Rehan instructed us to stick to essential fatty acids consisting of polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids. This way, we take in the required Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids. These included flaxseed oil, olive oil, fish oils, unsalted almonds, walnuts, unsalted peanuts and cashews.

Again, you need carbohydrates and fat for proper body function. You need carbohydrates to build lean body mass. Carbohydrates assist the body in taking the amino acids from protein and converting them into muscle and other lean body mass tissue like organs, brain cells, hair, skin and nails.

Fat helps support the building of lean body mass by stimulating certain hormones to support muscle building and the building of other lean body mass. But, it must be the fats that are aforementioned.



Never do the radical diets that have you eating no carbs or extremely low / no fat. Those diets are very dangerous. Without the proper amount of carbohydrates and fat, your body cannot rebuild and maintain lean body mass. Therefore, you will start to lose lean body mass like muscle, organ tissue and brain tissue. You will lose weight, but most of this weight will be your lean body mass and water, not body fat.

Do we cheat? YES. Although the food in Endless Youth and Life is very tasty, you have to cheat once in a while to provide your body with certain foods you may crave. Yes, on certain days of the week, we will have pizza, cheeseburgers, french fries, etc. However, Endless Youth and Life has a high protein pizza that is definitely not a junk food. It is one of the most nutritious foods that you can eat. And, taste tests show it tastes better than regular pizza.

For macronutrients, it is very important to have high protein snacks often. Your body cannot store protein like it stores fat. Therefore, you must have protein available in your bloodstream all day for your body to rebuild and maintain your muscles, organs, skin, hair and nails.

Junk foods only contain 2% to 6% protein. The best protein foods such as beef steak only contain 30% protein. If you do proper exercise, a man needs 12 ounces of protein a day and a women needs 8 ounces. Therefore, a man would have to eat a 36 ounce and a woman a 24 ounce beef steak every day. That is not practical, which is why protein supplementation is critical.

Endless Youth and Life snacks contain the highest quality protein. They contain 24% to 38% protein. They contain all 9 essential amino acids needed to make all the proteins the body needs. But, they also taste better than junk food snacks. And they will get you to the critical level of protein you need per day.

There are 92 critical micronutrients that your body needs for health and for extended youth and life. However, with soil depletion, most people only get 40 of these critical nutrients in their food. Therefore, one of the supplements that Nancy and I take is the Life Extension Foundation Multiple Vitamin, Multiple Mineral, Antioxidant Formulation which provides all of the 92 critical micronutrients plus much more. Besides the 92 critical micronutrients, there are many other herbal extracts that provide extended youth and life that we take in other supplements.

Dr. Ryan said we had very good basic skin when we did a consultation with him. We attribute this to the collagen rebuilding capsules and skin creams developed by GMP Laboratories who Rehan Jalali works with. In the past, collagen molecules have been too large to be absorbed through the intestine or through the skin. GMP developed the method for extracting a source of collagen that had small molecules that would pass through the intestines and through the skin.

We also attribute our good basic skin to Signals skin treatment topicals developed by Dave Kekich’s company. This three part treatment is a day cream and night cream and an exfoliant. Clinical tests showed that the Signals treatment signals your skin’s stem cells to produce skin cells of the quality you had at the age of 19.

Here is what we do for supplementation:

For internal supplements I take the following:

For macronutrient supplementation, do the following:

  • • Endless Youth and Life Super Food Protein Shakes
  • • Endless Youth and Life Super Food Protein Crackers
  • • Endless Youth and Life Super Food Protein Pizza


For micronutrient supplements, I take the following:

  • • Endless Youth and Life Ginseng
  • • Endless Youth and Life Omega Swirl Smoothie
  • • Endless Youth and Life Acai
  • • Slim & Cleanse
  • • IsaTest Testosterone Stimulator
  • • Ultimate Nutrition Branch Chain Amino Acid
  • • Primary Source OPC GoldBlend Grape Seed Extract
  • • Endless Youth and Life CoQ-10
  • • BioD Vitamin D3
  • • Life Extension Super Carnosine
  • • AlphaBASICS Collagen Capsules
  • • Life Extension Mix Tabs (Multiple Mineral, Multiple Vitamin, Multiple Nutrient Tablets)
  • • Endless Youth and Life Glucosamine Chondroitin
  • • Endless Youth and Life Quality Sleep Formula
  • • Dr. Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer when needed


For topical supplements, Nancy and I use the following:

  • • Dr. Frank Ryan’s BioCell Skin Serum
  • • Dr. Frank Ryan’s Facial Cleanser
  • • Dr. Frank Ryan’s Body Wash
  • • Dr. Frank Ryan’s Daily Recovery
  • • Derma Beauty
  • • Signals Day Cream, Night Cream and Exfoliant


For micronutrient supplements, Nancy takes the following:

  • • NutraCal
  • • Judy Morrow’s Youth Extension Women’s Formula 1 & 2
  • • Life Extension Mix Tabs (Multiple Mineral, Multiple Vitamin, Multiple Nutrient Tablets)
  • • Timea’s Pretty Fit
  • • Primary Source OPC Gold Blend Grape Seed Extract
  • • BioD Vitamin D3
  • • AlphaBASICS Collagen Capsules
  • • Dr. Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer when needed
  • • Endless Youth and Life Power Food Protein Pizza


This is very important. We found that the few mass market supplements that are good when they first are introduced to market, are then cheapened later. After they acquire a repeat customer base, they then reduce the expensive ingredients in the product. Endless Youth and Life supplements spare no cost. Yes, you will pay more, but you will get a lot more.


Nancy and I also make sure that we get 8 to 10 hours a night of quality sleep. As people get older, they sleep less, wake up many times during the middle of the night and do not get quality sleep. Rehan Jalali developed a sleep formula that provides quality sleep. Sleep is ultra important to youth and life extension. The body does virtually all of its repair work while you sleep, especially during deep sleep. Many clinical studies have shown a correlation with quality sleep with regard to aging, life extension and body fat. People who do not get quality sleep tend to age faster and be more overweight.

Besides the sleep supplement, we do the following to get a good night’s sleep. We are not morning people. People have biological clocks. Some people are morning people, some people are night people. We do not try to fight our biological clock. During the week we usually go to bed about 11:00 pm and get up about 9:00 am. On weekends when I don’t have to work, we stay out later and sleep in later. But we always make sure we get 8 to 10 hours of sleep. We have found that we get the best sleep when our bedroom temperature is 57 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. We also have shades in our bedroom window that completely block out light. And, very importantly, we have a comfortable mattress. Our choice of mattress is the Simmons® Beauty Rest®. Your’s may be different. You’ll know when you’re getting the proper sleep. You’ll feel much better and be more energetic during the day.


Aesthetic Body Enhancement, again this has to be SPQ. This includes plastic surgery, skin injections, skin fillers, laser treatments, cosmetic dentistry, hair replacement therapy, hair and eyebrow grooming and makeup application.

Although Nancy and I did not need many of these things, for the purposes of research for Endless Youth and Life, I did try laser treatments for skin and skin injections and skin fillers from Dr. Frank Ryan. Nancy also did the laser treatments, skin injections and skin fillers as well as a little plastic surgery around her eyes.

Dr. Ryan told both of us that we had very good basic skin for our age due to our supplementation.


I have already discussed our gym in detail. It is best to have a gym right in your home. And you can do it relatively cheap with various gyms offered by OutFit. You can get a very compact resistance exercise gym for as little as $100. But, you will get much better results out of a more elaborate gym. If you do not go for the recommendation of your own home gym, try to join a good gym with extensive resistance equipment. This would include both machines and free weights.


For ultimate results, start off with the Endless Youth and Life Ultimate Make Over – UMO. Go to the youth and life extension capital of the world, the Beverly Hills — Rodeo Drive area. There you will get the services of the professionals who service the worlds top celebrities administrated to you personally.


Nancy and I also keep mentally active. We are constantly involved with our family including grandchildren, which keep you mentally young. We both engage in mental activities such as extensive reading. As the CEO and the main creative marketing professional in my company, I am fully engaged in mental activity with regard to my occupation. Studies show that when people retire, most get physical and mental deterioration and die shortly after.

Our youth and life extension secrets can be called the Beverly Hills system which also works for many other people who use it.

Recently I had a 50th high school class reunion party at my home. I went to a Catholic high school which at that time had the boys and the girls separated. Therefore, I didn’t know many of the girls. This woman kept coming up and talking to me. She looked so much younger than the rest of the people that I graduated with. I thought that she was a child bride of one of my classmates.

So I asked some of my classmates that I did know who this woman was. I was told her name was Judy Morrow and that she indeed did graduate with our classmates. I was shocked. I wanted to ask her what she did to look so young, but she had already left the party.

So, I called her a few days after and asked her what she did to stay so young looking. When she told me, I was surprised that she was doing the same things that Nancy and I were doing. It was the Beverly Hills system, only she was from Texas. No one from Beverly Hills brought it to her. She did it on her own through self education. Her education sources likely came from Beverly Hills.

But, she did do some things a little different with respect to supplementation than we did. When I told Rehan what she was doing supplementation-wise, he said that it was valid nutritional supplementation for extended youth and life. Therefore, I had Rehan contact her and put her nutritional supplementation into a formula. You can read about Judy Morrow’s Stay Young Secrets and about the Judy Morrow Youth Extension Women’s Formula in Judy’s section of Individual Successes.

One of my employees, Carla Saluppo, also, like me had been working out since she was a teenager. And, like me, she was not happy with the results she was getting. Although she worked in our company, she did not think she would have access to my personal trainer, Dave Dearth. So she did a lot of research and found a highly qualified certified personal trainer who is also a professional boxer. He put her on an exercise, diet, supplement and sleep program that was identical to what Nancy and I do. If he was a good personal trainer, his knowledge source likely came from Beverly Hills. And, she found out it did. Her personal trainer got his knowledge from a professional boxer who trained under Gunnar Peterson and other professionals in Beverly Hills. She got such great results that at the age of 47 she has a body of a 20 year old.

There are also people in the Individual Successes section who actually live in Beverly Hills. They do the Beverly Hills system and get the same good results.

Nancy and I and the aforementioned people, all agree that this is true: USE IT OR LOSE IT.

You can prove this to yourself. I’m sure you’ve know of a person who has broken a limb. When that limb is put in a cast, the muscle atrophies and gets much smaller than the other limb. But, what you don’t see is that the bone also gets smaller and weaker.

Many clinical studies have proven that, if you do not put proper stress on muscles, the muscles deteriorate and so does the bone. The NASA space program proved this conclusively. Astronauts who go into space for a matter of even a few weeks come back with deteriorated muscle and bone.

The main problem with most Americans who become incapacitated as they age is that they become inactive. After 30 years of age, too many ignorant medical professionals tell their patients to slow down. That is the total wrong thing to do. I repeat, you must engage in exercise, but the exercise has to be vigorous, intense exercise.


To summarize: USE IT OR LOSE IT. Do SPQ, EDSS, ABE and have access to an SPQ GYM.

All of this is not just about vanity. It is about avoiding disability, avoiding suffering, avoiding being a burden on others, being able to perform and just plain feeling good.

Your character and your morals are most important. But, you do not need to invest money in that.

For your body to support your good character and morals and, give them a long life, requires an investment of time and money. People spend tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and, some, millions on homes, cars, jewelry and clothing. But, they are reluctant to spend big money on the most important thing, the well being of their body.

Scriptures say your body is a temple to your spirit and you should be a good steward to this temple.

What good is it to have a nice home, car, jewelry and clothes, when you look bad, feel bad, are disabled and have a short time to live?

Your health and fitness must be your top priority investment.

Ben and Nancy Suarez